Greene's Ace Home Center
2563 West Main Street
P.O. Box 252
Whitney Point, NY 13862

(607) 692-3400

Greene's Ace Home Center History

The first known business at our location was the Goetcheus Coal Yard, which was established in the 1920's. Coal came in by rail and was loaded into wooden silos by conveyor. At that time there were only two buildings: the truck scale, which also housed a small office, and the silo structure itself. Customers could pick up in their own trucks or have the coal delivered to their home.

In 1952 the Patch Brothers purchased the business and continued to sell coal into the 1960's. In addition, they built a small store for hardware, tools, and paint. They also built several warehouses for lumber, masonry, and building supplies. The Whitney Point store was one of four stores Patch Brothers operated within a 30-mile radius.

Robert Greene was hired as the first manager of the new Patch Bros. of Whitney Point, and retained that position from 1952 through 1969. In 1962 the Patch Brothers offered to sell him the business, and he began purchasing stock. By 1969 he was majority stockholder and President of the newly formed Robert Greene Lumber, Inc. It was in that year that the business also became affiliated with True Value Hardware.

Although coal was no longer part of the product offering, business continued to grow, and additional warehouse space was needed for lumber and building material, resulting in 4-fold expansion of the existing warehouses. In 1976, the store, itself, was remodeled and enlarged from 2000 to 7000 square feet.

Then, in 1978, True Value was replaced by Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. as the primary supplier of hardware, paint, tools, electrical, and plumbing.

Bob's son Doug began working at the store full-time in 1974, at the age of 21, after having worked there summers since 1967. Doug became President of Robert Greene Lumber in 1983, and Bob remained active in the business.

The '80s brought more changes. A computer system was purchased in 1985 for the purpose of managing the inventory, and speeding up purchasing, receiving, and accounting. The store underwent another massive remodeling inside and outside in 1986 - 87 when it changed into Greene's Do-it Center, the name it retained until 2001.

In that year, Greene's joined Ace Hardware, and became Greene's Ace Home Center. A third generation Greene - Doug's son, Jarrett, joined the business at the age of 14 working summers. 

Today, all three generations - Bob, Doug, and Jarrett are employed by the family business that Bob started back in 1969.